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September 8-11, 2015

Good morning, and happy Tuesday!

I hope that each of you enjoyed the long, holiday weekend! As Keiley just reminded me, long weekends make short weeks. Unfortunately in education, that just means we try to fit 4 days worth of learning into 5. Eeek!

As I trolled Facebook this weekend, I saw many of you clinging onto the last bit of summer beside a pool, on the lake, or just enjoying the sunshine before the monsoon began. My family enjoyed a cookout with friends, the stress of house hunting, and some shopping and eating at Santacaligon Days - our favorite Labor Day weekend activity! We were able to score several wedding, Christmas, and birthday gifts while we were there. We are chalking that up as a win since there won't be much shopping come December with a new baby around.

There are many tasks to complete this week, and I know that working together as a team, we can accomplish anything. I have witnessed this time and time again over the last three years, and this year is no different. Remember, we have each others' back, and if you need help, have a question, or just need to talk, we are always here.

As you embark on the week ahead, I wish each of you a blessed week!

Educationally yours,


Outstanding Teacher Nominations!

There are many outstanding teachers in this building, and each of you deserve the chance to be recognized for your daily efforts.

Each year, there are two teachers from our building nominated each quarter based on criteria linked to the qualities as framed through the Network for Educator Effectiveness. Now is the time to begin nominating your outstanding colleagues for the 1st quarter based on the two qualities below.

1st Quarter Outstanding Teacher Qualities:

  • A teacher that creates learning experiences that are meaningful and engaging for all students.
  • A teacher that has a positive and effective working relationship with parents, school colleagues, and community members.

You may use the link below to nominate your peers, or you can get a paper nomination form from our PDC reps, Traci and Caitlin.



AIMSweb Universal Screenings

Amy, Dana, Suzie, Alex, and Bryson did an exceptional job of getting the majority of our students assessed on the universal screening benchmarks. However, there are still many makeups that need to take place this week. Amy and Dana will be coordinating this effort and communicating with your when your students will be pulled to complete the benchmark assessments.

Acuity CCR A

Students in grades 3-5 will take the the first Acuity assessment of the year during their computer lab time over the next two weeks. They will begin with ELA this week, and math next week.

Please reiterate the importance of doing well and giving a tremendous effort on this assessment. As always, you are more than welcome to stay in the lab with your students, but it is not a requirement.

Team Meetings - Wednesday

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with you all last week to review data from last year to create Reading Improvement Plans. Your eagerness to help your struggling students was amazing! If you have new students whose data suggests they need a reading plan, please send me their names ASAP. Remember, parent contact regarding the Reading Improvement Plan should be made by the end of the day on September 15.

We will meet in Jessica's office again this week to discuss midterms, current needs (technology and others), etc. Topics may be added as necessary to this week's agenda.

Professional Learning Communities

K-2 Science Notebook Training

When: Wednesday, September 9 @ 3:15

Where: Lewis Elementary


All others (sped/specials/title/counselors/library/etc.)

Those of you that met as a department last week, thanks for sharing your learning goals and outcomes. Enjoy your extra hour off this week!

If you are meeting this week, enjoy your time to together with your colleagues. I can't wait to hear and see all that you accomplish!

Upcoming Events

September 9 - FOSS Science Note Booking Training (Kdg-2nd Grade / 3:15-5:15 @ Lewis)

September 10 - ALICE Rally Point Walks (9:00; 1st Grade Specials at 2:30)

September 11 - Midterm

September 14-15 - Dental Screenings (Please sign your class up in the workroom)

September 16 - ALICE Training 3:00-5:00

September 18 - Kindergarten Muffins w/Mom

September 21 - Faculty Meeting 4:00-4:30

Happy Birthday to You!


9 - Traci P.

19 - Vicky G.

27 - Lisa F.

28 - Lenny S.