The New and Improved

Better Technology

Are you tiered of making clothes by hand? Well don't worry, there a better way. This new technology is called Water Frames. Water Frames help make wool, thread, and yarn stronger. The amazing men behind it all is Thomas Higgins and Richard Arkwright. This machine is called a Water Frame because they are powered by running water. This machine made clothes and blankets faster than humans could and the machines make them for lower cost. The first Water Frame was made in Rhode Island and it was built on the River Derwent.

Working life is easier

The Mills

Do your hands hurt after a long day of sewing? Well , I have your solution! The mills are a great place to work. They save you time and money. The machines at the mills do most of the work for you. The only thing that you have to do is change the threads. The mills machines make your yarn stronger than doing it by hand. So if this sounds interesting to you come on down to the mills and get rid of all that stress.

Everyone from little boys and girls to unmarried women and men are all aloud.