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Newsletter for youth and parents of Good Shepherd UMC

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Click Here For The Fall Calendar

Fall Calendar hard copies can be found throughout the church where Youth Ministry information is posted as well as the Slat Wall. Copies will be in Bible Study classrooms throughout May. If you'd like a booklet version, please check the Slat Wall.

Bible Study

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Jeri will share more on Operation Christmas Child on October 10th during Bible Study. We are asking each class to collect the items below.

6th Girls - toothbrushes

6th Guys – box of 16 or 24 crayons (Crayola brand)

7th Girls – pencils, sharpeners, and large pink erasers

7th Guys – small balls (deflated beach balls, nerf, bouncy)

8th Girls – bar soap (individual packages)

8th Guys – hot wheels cars

9th Girls – kids sunglasses available at Dollar Store

9th Guys - washcloths

10th Girls – hair bows, headbands, hair clips

10/11/12th Guys – kid scissors

11th Girls – hair brushes or combs

12th Girls - pairs of new socks or kids gloves

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Note: This date has been changed.

Sunday Programming

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For more info on baptism, contact Heather or the church office.
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Parent Resource Corner

Click Here For This Month's CPYU Parent Page

Hard copies of the CPYU Parent Page can be found at various locations throughout the GSUMC campus. If you would like an electronic copy, please contact Susan Lawyer at

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Heather Turquette

Junior High Director

Ashley Karlen Gossett

High School Director

Susan Lawyer

Student Ministry Assistant