Promise of America

Bill of rights

1.Guarantees individual and unalienable rights.

2.Right to bear arms.

3.No quartering of troops inside homes.

4.No unreasonable search and seizure.

5.Due process of law.

6.Right to speedy public trail.

7.Right to trial by jury.

8.No excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment.

9.Constitutional rights do not deny other rights.


Responsible citizenship

obey the laws of country,state,and community.

.serve on juries,if qualified.

be good moral character.

protection of individual rights at stated in the bill of rights

protection against domestic violence

a republican form of government state as well as national

Steps on naturalization

To become an american naturalized citizen you need to go thru 10 steps to become one 1. one is determine if you are already u.s citizen 2.determine your eligibility to become a u.s citizen 3. prepare for n-400 application 4. submit form n-400 application for naturalization go to the 5. bio-metrics appointment if applicable 6. complete the interview 7. receive a notice to take the oath of allegiance 9. take the oath of allegiance to the u.s 10. understanding u.s citizenship that is not all their is requirements that are called criteria 1. 18 years old 2. be a green card for 5 years 3. be able to speak and write English 4. knowledge of Americas history 5. not have left the u.s for long period of time like 5 years 6. allegiance the u.s and that is it