Our Class Newsletter

Mrs. Sian

Classroom Happenings

We have started incubating eggs and they should be hatching the 2nd week of May. We will be learning about hatching eggs, chickens and farms.

We have read the book "Flat Stanley" and we are going to be making our own flat Stanley's and will be conferencing with a class from Maine about Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley is about a boy who gets flattened by a board and has lots of adventures while he is "flat as a pancake." Be sure to ask your child about Flat Stanley.

We are continuing to work on kindergarten standards while learning about chickens and Flat Stanley. Our main focus for math is addition and subtraction and we will hit a lot of the reading, writing and science standards with the chicken theme. Using the Flat Stanley project, we will be covering many of the Social Studies standards.

In addition, we are continuing to learn new technology. We are using Edmodo and there is an app for Flat Stanley. Ask your child to show you the Edmodo site and show you what we are doing in class. They can also access Scootpad through Edmodo. Accessing Scootpad through Edmodo makes it easier for the students because they only need to remember one user name and password. The students should know how to login and show you what we are doing on Edmodo. If you do not have internet access at home and would like to see what we are doing, please feel free to come in afterschool and I will be happy to show you.

Relay for Life

We have been collecting quarters for Relay for Life. You should have gotten the flyer in their Friday folder explaining it. For every quarter that gets brought in, we add a link to our paper chain. The class with the longest chain gets an inflatable/pizza party. We are in a close race with Mrs. Foote's class. Our goal was 500 quarters and we are 150 quarters from our goal. The money will be donated to Relay for LIfe and will go toward helping people with cancer.

Family Friday

Our next (and last) Family Friday will be on May 17th at 2:00. Our chicks should have hatched by then and the students will share what we have learned about chickens. The students really like to have family members come in. We hope many families will attend.

March Good Citizen

Our March Good Citizen was Ellarose Hershberger. Ellarose is a great student and a good friend to everyone. Good Job, Ellarose!

Contact Info.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.