Mrs. Torgler's 3rd Grade Class

September 28th, 2018

This week's news...

This week was a really great week with the students. We focused on the main character of stories and some character traits about them. For example, how they feel during parts of the story, their hopes and visions, what they have gone through in the past and what their future will be like. Some B of the students made really nice text-to-self connections once they read what the character was going through.

We continued E multiplication in math, but this week we made the connection of when you double a 2's fact, it becomes a multiple of 4. For example, 2x3=6 so when you double it you now have 4x3=12. The students got to see that the product of 6 doubled equaled the new product: 6+6=12. We also skip counted by 2's for more practice: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12...

We got to look at the different layers of soil L and we researched how humans rely on soil depending on jobs and hobbies. (Farmers rely on rich soil, restaurants use soil in gardens to get their vegetables from suppliers...)

The students did a great job putting their rules into written paragraphs and then typing into our Google Classroom. They were able (i) to brainstorm, edit, and revise their work. Part of our focus with typing was to learn how to spellcheck by right clicking and selecting the correct word.

A look ahead...

Next week, we will E continue the concept of doubling our multiplication facts, but next week will be practicing 5's. We will learn about the Dust Bowl and water erosion in Science, and we will continue working on our handwriting with our workbooks.

Next Thursday, we have a YES Concert, and on Friday is our Fit-a-Thon. So the end of the week will be full of exciting events.

The state of Ohio has revised V their standards for educators slightly. Some of these changes affect our math and how I will teach it choosing certain parts out of our math books. Due to these changes, I will not be sending home the homework pages, because it will be too confusing. Please refer to the skill practices E that I list each week in the newsletters, and practice these with your student at home instead. Reach out to me if you want me to find or make a more appropriate worksheet to send home at any time as well.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. -Margaret Mead

At Home Practice:

Reading skill:

Look for 3 of each in your home and in the community:

Noun= person, place, thing

Verb= action word

Adjective= describing the noun

Math skill:

Make groups of objects in your house, like 2 groups of 3 apples, or 2 groups of 2 pillows. How many objects do you have in all?

Skip count by 2's in your back yard by literally skipping, jumping rope, or hopping.

Things to Remember:

-Every night your student has spelling words to study! Please be sure to look in their red folders each night for the half sheet of paper that says Take Home Word Study List. These are the words they should study.

-Students should also be reading each night. 20 minutes is an appropriate amount for third graders. This time can be on their own, reading to you or even reading to a sibling. Ask them to tell you about the characters or a connection that they made.

-Thursday Oct. 4: Volunteer Training @6:30 in Twin Oak Library

-Friday Oct. 5: Fit-a-Thon Pledge forms due

Secret Word:

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