Roman vs. U.S Ideas

Citizens,Law,and Justice

-Citizenship belonged to free law abiding people

-They could vote. -Go to Court

-Hold Offices

-Own property

-sign contracts

Not all Equal:

-Male citizens enjoyed the rights

-Women had limited rights

(Not allowed to vote and hold official offices)

-Freedmen had very little rights

-Slaves had close to no rights and had a small percent chance of freedom

What connections can you draw between the freedmen children and the United States?


-If you were born in Rome and your parents are not citizens you are still considered as a citizen

United States:

-If your parents are illegal aliens or immigrants and you were born here you are still considered a citizen

Roman Laws:

-Marriage was very important(not many divorces)

-Inheritance(if someone died in your family you get part of their inheritance)

-Contracts were written

(New laws could be made)

Natural Laws:

-If you were born in Rome you are by nature given rights

(On certain levels)

-No one may tale your life,liberty,or pursuit of happiness

(A person that violates these laws will be sent to pison)

Roman Justice:

-Fine-you must pay the fine


-Banishment(you must leave Rome)


-Execution if guilty of treason)

-Patricide(if you killed someone you will be drowned in a river)

-Slaves were either beaten,given harder work,or crucified