Illuminati Theory Proven

With Entry into WWII

The Truth!

All the skeptics out there can read it and weep, America has just proven that WWII is a ruse with their entry. Now, if you want coverage for WWII, you can go to another, more popular newspaper, but here we give you the truth. Now, for the uninitiated, here is a recap of our shocking discoveries thus far;

The Whole Truth!

The Illuminati is controlling both the Third Reich and the Allied Forces, playing the war out similarly to a play. This can be illustrated by the propaganda posters with the same design layout, overly dramatic war effort, and how a chunk of the soldiers on both sides are also actors or well known Illuminati puppets. And now, with the country that stations the Illuminati headquarters deciding to ‘bravely step up’ to enter the war, we can now convince even the common skeptical sheep our truth.

Nothing But The Truth!

And if those pigs don’t believe the articles I’ve written in the past, I can even predict the future for them. I’m no fortuneteller, but I am a profit of truth, able to see through all of the government’s lies. What will happen in the war, they ask? Well, looking at America’s suspiciously heroic-appearing actions, it’s obvious that they’re going to turn the tides of the war. It’s going to be just as the Illuminati plan it to be, Hollywood and the Army looking like the heroes, while foreigners and non-English-speakers seem inferior. The Illuminati have a grip on America, and a true patriot would know that what we need is not another war, but a revolution.

Take America Back From Oppression!