From the Desk of Principal Kevin Raylman, September 23, 2022

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The 2022-2023 school year is off to an Indianific start!

We welcome the Class of 2026 to the Tribe and welcome back all students and staff!

I want to thank everyone for a great first few weeks of school!

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The morning parent drop off has become unsafe. To help ensure the safety of both staff and students, we will be trying something new.

If you are entering off of Hooper avenue, please exit through Melrose Drive.

If you enter off Melrose Drive, please exit through Hooper avenue.

Essentially, this will make it a one way in both directions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in trying to keep our campus a safe place.

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Our Back to School Night will be September 29, 2022 from 5:30-7:30pm.

This night will provide a great opportunity for you as Parents and Guardians to learn about your child’s educational program.

To facilitate an orderly evening, we would like you to follow your child’s daily schedule. Please use your Parent Portal to access your students' schedule for the night.

Our time schedule will be as follows:

5:30-5:45-Period 1

5:50-6:00-Period 2

6:05-6:15-Period 3

6:20-6:30-Period 4

6:35-6:45-Period 5

6:50-7:00-Period 6

7:05-7:15-Period 7

7:20-7:30-Period 8

During your child’s lunch period, please stop by our cafetorium. Representatives from many of our athletic teams and clubs will be available to answer questions and Indian Spirit Wear will be on sale.

Please be reminded that parking can be a challenge. Please be respectful of our school grounds and our surrounding community. Additional parking will be available in the parking garage on hooper avenue.

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Please be reminded that the following policies/rules are in place and will be enforced.

LATENESS TO SCHOOL - Only a note from a physician, driver's test verification, or parent note documenting a family emergency or religious observance will be accepted as an excuse for lateness to school. All other lates will be considered unexcused and result in the following:

  • Period 1 Lates (7:15 a.m. - 7:40 a.m.)

    • 3rd Late = one (1) First Period cut

    • 6th Late = two (2) First Period cuts

    • 9th Late = three (3) First period cuts, etc.

  • Lates after 7:40 am

    • 1st Late = one (1) First Period cut

    • 2nd Late = two (2) First Period cuts.

    • 3rd Late = three (3) First period cuts, etc. SEE CLASS CUTTING BELOW

CLASS CUTTING - Cutting class is not permitted and will be addressed as follows:

  • 1st Cut = one (1) detention

  • 2nd Cut = two (2) detentions

  • 3rd Cut = AEP - Parent Conference

  • 4th Cut = AEP - Parent Conference

  • 5th Cut = Removal from class

EXCESSIVE ABSENTEEISM - Absences from school in excess of eighteen (18) days will result in loss of credit. Excused absences documented by a medical note will be deducted from the total number of accumulated absences. Absence notes are required and must be submitted upon student return to school.

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From our Supervisors

South’s educators are working hard to motivate and inspire all students with a plethora of resources and activities. Working through and persevering when “problem” solving is one of the best lessons we can teach. We are putting forth our best efforts to achieve this and bring joy to learning.

In Biology, Mr. Hirtes and his students are exploring cell size and asking questions like “why are human cells so small?”. Engaging conversations ensued including connecting the purpose of cells and the importance of the absorption of water and nutrients into the cells. This led to discussion about surface area of spheres and how this attributes to the amount of surface area for this absorption to occur. To make this an even more meaningful experience for students, Mr. Hirtes asked students to find the surface area of tangible spheres like lacrosse balls, softballs, and basketballs to demonstrate how the surface area to volume ratio decreases as the size of the ball increases, hence why our cells must maintain a small size.

In Personal Finance, Ms. Murray is having students complete a simulation of real world life experiences in terms of finance. She selected an online activity that simulates real world living paycheck to paycheck and was created by Next Gen Personal Finance. Students select a job and then experience real world costs such as a sick pet, paying rent, or an unexpected invitation to a birthday party. Students are charged with making decisions to survive and thrive for 30 days based on their financial state.

We are so very excited to be back! We can’t wait to be a part of each students’ journey and to continue to share our amazing experiences at South!


College Night at the Jersey Shore! Click on the flier!
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