The New England Colonies

By Evan Thigpen

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock, now known as Massachuetts, was the settlement of the Pilgrams in 1620. The Pilgrams were a group of people who would voyage to other places for religious reasons. The religoin of these Pilgrams were of a Puritan belief. Massachuetts did not have a cash crop but they did have a big and special source of income which was ship building.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire was founded in 1623 and was the second New England colony founded. This particular colony was a corporate colony when it was first founded but it was later revoked and turned into a royal colony. Mixed farming was what supported the economy for this colony. New Hampshire was also of Puritan beleif.

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island colony was founded in 1636 on a corporate colony based government. With no set official government and tobacco being its cash crop. The Rhode Island colony was not a colony that had anything real significant but it was a normal laid back colony.


Also founded in 1663 was the colony of Connecticut. When founded this colony was a corporate colony. The original religion of Connecticut was with the Congressional Church. Mixed farming was how this colony kept its economy going.