Cyber Safety Awareness

Pass Christian School District

What is Cyber Safety?

Cyber Safety is the safe and responsible use of information and communication technology. It is about keeping information safe and secure, being responsible with that information, being respectful of other people online, and using good 'netiquette' (internet etiquette).

What Parents Need to Know

  • What kind of apps are popular among teens?
  • What are these apps really about?
  • What are the social media dangers?
  • How can I monitor my child's online behavior?
  • How can I keep my child safe on the internet?
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If you would would like more information about how to keep your children safe, feel free to contact:

Presentor: Chief David Allen, Waveland Police Department

David Allen has been in law enforcement for 24 years and is currently the Chief of Police at the Waveland Police Department. He worked his way up through patrol and eventually became a Criminal/Cyber Crime Investigator. He specializes in internet-related crimes, computer forensics, and cell phone forensics. He also serves as an active member of the Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC), which funds local agencies to locate and prosecute those who prey on children via electronic means. David is married and has four children, ages 7 to 17.