BCIT Brief

October 2015, Edition #11

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Editor: Mrs. Laura Geltch, District Program and Community Coordinator

Please continue emailing me your stories, photos, and events. This newsletter celebrates our BCIT community!


A Message from your Superintendent

October 2015

Dear BCIT Community,

BCIT is proud to have hired a Supervisor of Literacy Development, Mrs. Jackie Brownell. Mrs. Brownell comes to BCIT with a distinguished background as a reading and writing classroom teacher, reading specialist, adjunct professor at RU Camden, district literacy coach, and ESL & language arts district supervisor. In addition, Mrs. Brownell spent 15 years as an independent literacy consultant, training and presenting in the tri-state area for hundreds of teachers and administrators.

"This is a brand new position for BCIT. I believe it will evolve over time. With the implementation of common core state standards, literacy is the common theme across all disciplines. It is my job to ensure all students maximize their potential as readers and writers with thought and purpose. In order to actualize this goal I will work hard to become a resource for our teachers and support them in any way I can. I hope to work with staff to collect, analyze, and use meaningful data to inform decisions regarding instruction, allocation of materials, as well as programming, curriculum, and student placement decisions”, stated Mrs. Brownell.

Mrs. Brownell plans to work with our community members in continuing to build a positive literacy culture across the district. She has already reached out to teachers of students who need assistance for our striving readers, to offer her support. I asked Mrs. Brownell her philosophy on literacy in the classroom, and here was her response, "Our students need consistent literacy instruction across all content areas. Students need to read, write, converse, and listen in all areas of study. We need to use data to identify areas of need to begin to target those needs more specifically. Students need to increase their reading levels through their engagement in reading, ultimately providing them with a set of tools for comprehension and communication. The more real reading they do, the more success they will have – it’s been proven in research. The number of words read per day and number of minutes read per year directly relate to success. Find a reason to read every day".

Mrs. Brownell is looking forward to working with everyone and becoming an active member of the BCIT community. "There appears to be no local district that has developed the role of a Supervisor of Literacy Development. This is a progressive district, taking us to the next level of literacy development, not just high school English/Language Arts content, but skills to be college and career ready for the 21st century", commented Mrs. Brownell.

Mrs. Brownell resides in Southampton, and has twin sophomores attending University of Delaware. Please take a moment to welcome our new supervisor to the BCIT family.


Dr. Christopher M. Manno

Superintendent of Schools

BCIT Parent Advisory Council Update October 2015

Superintendent Presentation:


A letter from Dr. Nagy, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education, BCSSSD & BCIT

Long Time Special Education Teacher and Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant to Retire

Long time special education teacher and Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, Kathleen Webster, recently announced that she would retire in February after 43 years of service. Ms. Webster served in many capacities on either the BCIT Medford or Westampton campuses at some time during her career. She currently serves as the Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC) for the Child Study Team on the Westampton Campus.

When speaking with Ms. Webster this past week, she reminisced about how she loves working with her professional colleagues, wonderful students, and parents whom she has come to know over the years. Some of her former students now have children at BCIT. She noted that when she started as a teacher in 1972, “individual education plans (IEP) did not yet exist and it was the responsibility of the teacher to test students and provide an educational diagnosis for students.” She also recalled that “prior to being changed to the Burlington County Institute of Technology, the district received an educational waiver as a vocational school to provide individualized plans for students who had educational needs while promoting the participation in vocational technical training.” This was exciting news to her at the time.

Ms. Webster acknowledged that “today there is a better understanding and awareness of students with disabilities on the part the parents, school officials, educators and local, State and Federal governments.” The passing of the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in 1975 afforded students with disabilities the opportunity to receive a free appropriate pubic education just like other children and in the least restrictive environment. Ms. Webster acknowledged that “students now are positioned to have access to assistive technologies, computers and ipads while attending career technical education classes.”

When asked what was one of her most challenging times in her career, Ms. Webster referred to her role as the advisor to the Class of 1975. Though a challenge, it was also a proud moment for her. According to Ms. Webster, “that was a time when many in the senior class were 21 years old, unlike graduates today.” She remembered working with the senior class where she advocated for students to be problem solvers and good citizens. When in this role, Ms. Webster stated that she promoted a platform for student self-advocacy. Ms. Webster admitted that “if we fast-forward almost forty years, special education and society have evolved. Today, there is an emphasis on differentiated instruction, modifications, accommodations, instructional strategies and individualized education to address student abilities.”

When asked who she remembers the most and who was the one person who was an influence in her life, Ms. Webster mentioned Mr. Ossi, founder the Burlington County Vocational Technical School which later became what we now know to be BCIT, a career technical education institution. Smiling, Ms. Webster remembered that “Mr. Ossi brought vocational education to Burlington County which provided students of all abilities a career.” She also remembered that academic and career technical teachers were required to attend an annual camping trip with the superintendent, administrators, staff and aides. We know that times have changed.

When asked what was one of the most daunting memories she had in the early days of her service in the district, Ms. Webster, without hesitation, recalled that at the end of each year, teachers had to return the most expensive piece of equipment in their possession. It was not a laptop computer, for they did not exist, but the most valuable piece of equipment was the stapler. Ms. Webster recalls that one did not receive their last paycheck until it was turned in. She is proud that she still possesses that same stapler today.

At the end of the interview, I asked Ms. Webster what she values the most as a professional in the district. She responded that she is an “advocate for lifelong learning and curiosity. This attitude keeps me young of mind and heart.”

Thank for your service Ms. Webster. We wish you good health and happiness in your retirement.


Dr. Chris Nagy

Assistant Superintendent, Special Education

A letter from the BCIT Adult Education Principal, Patrick Cruet

Greetings from the Burlington County Institute of Technology (BCIT) Adult Education family. Adult Education stands ready to assist you in achieving your academic and vocational goals. Our classes are developed to prepare students for employment, further your existing education, or for lifelong learning. BCIT is a “Go To” solution for certification, licensing, instruction, customized business training and apprenticeships.

This year, enrollment continues to rise as we have more than a 10% jump from last year. It may be because BCIT Adult Education offers more than 50 courses each semester in which students may complete a “Career in a Year” program! BCIT continues to expand course offerings in new and emergent fields that support the state’s targeted industry sectors, while promoting employment and skill development. In addition to courses that provide certification, there are skill-building and introductory courses. These courses provide our students a leg up when searching for that perfect job; we believe in training students not just for jobs but also for life-long careers.

Just like we have an increase in student enrollment in our adult education programs, the same goes for apprenticeships. We continue to serve students who want to prepare themselves for the future with on-the-job training in a highly skilled career. Apprenticeships are a paid job. Someone who is new to the field, (the apprentice) learns the skills needed for a job. Apprentices are trained by master craftsmen, who are experts in their field. They share skills and knowledge to help the apprentice become an expert, too. An apprenticeship is also a school. Apprenticeships include classroom lessons ensuring the apprentice masters all aspects of the job. BCIT adult education continues to assist apprenticeships and sponsors with their needs.

The Adult Education department continues to refine the blue print to meet the needs of businesses and our students while creating opportunities for skill development, assuring employability, ability to stack credentials, and provide for sustainability of the value of a BCIT education. BCIT continues to be a place where career dreams can become a reality. Discover your potential at BCIT Adult Education!

Check out www.bcit.cc, Adult Education for more information on our Career Exploration events held each month.


Patrick Cruet

BCIT Adult Education Principal

BCIT Adult Education Career Exploration Fairs - FREE!

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Congratulations BCIT Adult Education LPN Class of 2015!

Congratulations to our BCIT Adult Education Licensed Practical Nurses on their Pinning & Lighting of the Lamp graduation. Congrats BCIT LPN Class of 2015! We wish you the best of luck in your nursing careers.
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BCIT/BCSSSD Board of Education Policies & Regulations

The following policies and regulations have been approved by the Board of Education. Please review and reference pertinent policies as applicable.

August 2015

2360 Use of Technology

R2421 Vocational-Technical Instruction
5330 and R5330 Administration of Medication 8820 Opening Exercises/Ceremonies
5615 Suspected Gang Activity

8540 School

5756 R8505.01 R8505.02 5339 R2431.5 R3125.2 Abolished R8540

Nutrition Programs Free and Reduced Rate Meals

Transgender Students
Nutrition and Feeding Safety Protocols (BCSSSD Only) Nutrition and Feeding Questionnaire (BCSSSD Only) Screening for Dyslexia
Athletic Practice Competition Adm Walk Through Process Substitute Coverage SOP (BCSSSD Only)

Free and Reduced Rate Meals

Strauss Esmay BCIT/BCSSSD Policies and Regulations.

Burlington County School Facilities Complete Phase One of Security Enhancements to Protect People and Property on Campus.

As we face increased threats in our educational environments, there is a great expectation that the campus community will do everything in its power to safeguard and protect its most vital and valuable asset: Its students, faculty and staff.

The recent consolidation of the administrative services for The Burlington County Institute of Technology and the Burlington County Special Services School Districts, required the reconfiguration of two disparate security systems into one comprehensive and unified access control solution, to protect multiple campus locations,without compromising ease and freedom of movement and accessibility for students and personnel.

Together, the districts serve more than 2500 students, on five campuses, in two key areas: Vocational and technical education at the high school and post-secondary levels and those with special needs, including disabilities, autism, and at-risk youth from Pre-K through grade 12.

Our prime contractor recently completed the first phase of this extensive upgrade that included securing 120 perimeter doors throughout the Districts’ campuses. More than 50 of these entry/exit points are safeguarded with the XS4 Wall Reader technology from SALTO Systems. All perimeter doors have immediate monitoring by security and administrative personnel, during school hours. Additionally, 3M safety glass was installed at appropriate entrances.

Added enhancements include the ability for security personnel to control and monitor visitors at all campus locations, instantly identify all persons with (and without) proper access credentials, and respond accordingly to potential threats, as well as an overall improved security-monitoring system, with the ability to scale and grow as the districts expand.

Additional phases are currently underway.

SALTO’s access control systems are used at Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, Abu Dhabi University and prestigious academic venues around the globe.

BCIT Medford Cross County team breaks school record! Congratulations!

The BCIT-Medford cross country team won the BCSL Freedom Division title for the third consecutive year. The Jaguars clinched the win by defeating New Egypt by one point, 28-27 on Tuesday, October 6. Sophomore T.J. Worthen, broke the school record on that day by running the 5K race in 16 minutes, 43 seconds. The other members of that championship varsity team are Senior captain Christian Rivera, Sophomore Zaire Carter, Senior Dylan Bellucci, Junior River Litten, Sophomore Colin Johnson, Sophomore Dadrian Ledet and Junior Steven Newhouse.

One week later:

The boy's team won the NJTAC South Jersey Cross Country Invitational championship. T.J. Worthen won the individual title at the race, while Christian Rivera and Dylan Bellucci earned medals.

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Welding at BCIT Medford, by Danielle Hartman

Kyle Pittman and Dalton Haines are both juniors in Jay Lloyd’s welding class at BCIT in Medford. Kyle chose welding after exploring auto, sports medicine, and engineering. He was drawn to Mr. Lloyd’s style of teaching, which he likens to being on a job site. “Mr. Lloyd is more than a teacher; he’s your boss, and the experience is worthwhile.” Kyle is proud of the fact that he is ranked highest in his shop, and is looking forward to beginning his school-to-work experience as soon as he obtains his license. Ultimately, he would like to join the Navy to continue his training in welding.

Dalton also aspires to become a sailor in the Navy. His early encounters in welding were quite different from Kyle’s. Dalton transferred to BCIT during his sophomore year to explore HVAC and welding. He maintains that although his initial relationship with Mr. Lloyd was rocky, he is now often chosen as a leader in the classroom. Dalton is glad he transferred to BCIT, stating, “At any other school, you just get your high school diploma. Here, you get certifications; you get a job you can keep beyond high school.”

Both boys proudly display the projects they have completed in shop. They enjoy the real-world experiences that this career major offers them. Recently, Kyle and Dalton were involved in a project where they created a bumper for the car of a friend. They designed it to withstand a considerable amount of off-road driving. The bumper, a formidable piece of steel, is beautifully constructed and incredibly sturdy.

Welding offers a solid career with many options for employment. Students at BCIT in Medford graduate with a number of certifications, placing them in the market for a well-paying job. Mr. Lloyd prepares students with the necessary job skills to find success in any avenue they pursue.

Congratulations to BCIT September Students of the Month!

BCIT Medford Campus

Grade 9 - Catherine Sutton

Grade 10 - Carly Hopf
Grade 11 - Desaree Vaughn
Grade 12 - Matthew Davis

BCIT Westampton Campus

Grade 9 - Nyle Thompson

Grade 10 - David Hopkins

Grade 11 - Kayle Pearson

Grade 12 - Marquis Anderson-Boothe

Izaryah Diggs- Student/Athlete

Padraic Pearse- Most Improved

Medford & Westampton Campuses host Burlington County Counselors & Child Study Team members

BCIT Westampton hosted a luncheon & tour for county Guidance Counselors & Child Study Team members. Students served and prepared a delicious lunch for our guests, under the direction of their talented instructors. Dr. Erin Conti presented BCIT's mission, course offerings, and school programs, followed by a campus tour with our NHS students.
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BCIT Medford and Westampton Tech Lounges are a hit with students and staff!

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Daily stat leaders: Jenna Dobbins of BCIT Medford girls soccer leads the state in goals on Tuesday, Sept. 29th

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BCSSSD hosts Crisis Response Team Training meeting, September 30, 2015

BCSSSD hosted a Burlington County School Crisis Response Team training on September 30th. Superintendent Dr. Manno addressed county guidance counselors, administrators, school nurses, and child study team members on the role of Superintendents in a crisis. BCSCRT Director, Marie Phillips, led today's training.
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Burlington County Professional Development Institute (BCPDI)

The Burlington County Professional Development Institute (BCPDI) Advisory Committee met this month, at BCSSSD for their first quarterly meeting.

Thank you to our staff and students who helped facilitate the meeting and escort our guests to the media center.

For more information, contact Mrs. Marie Phillips via email or phone at (609­) 234-4879.

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BCIT Medford September Student of the Month

Desaree Vaughan, a BCIT Medford Junior from Pemberton, NJ, is studying Entertainment Technologies and very busy donating her time to a myriad of services. Desaree chose to attend BCIT because she wanted to attend a vocational school and study a specific career, in order to have skills when she graduated.

Desaree’s mom is in the National Guard, and a resident of Texas. Desaree has traveled a lot in her childhood, like many military families. Desaree qualifies to attend any college in TX free of charge, because her mother is a resident of Texas.

Desaree volunteers for the Pemberton Library during her summers. She works with young children, ages 3 – 18 helping them to read. She works with the students, directs programs like puppet shows, while helping them achieve their literacy goals. The NJ National Guard offers many youth programs for military families. Desaree volunteers with their organization year-round. She has worked with Toys for Tots, coat drives,and food drives, focusing on supporting one another and helping their community. Desaree works a week-long youth program camp during her summers. Desaree was a junior counselor last year. Desaree really enjoys working with the children of the military families and helping them through tough times, like deployment of one or both parents. Desaree also chaperones trips, mixing of generations. "The adults help the teens and the teens help the younger children – like one big family", said Desaree.

Desaree attended a three-day seminar in June, at Monmouth University in North Jersey. She listened to keynote speakers who spoke about community service, conservation, and learning how to communicate effectively, and leadership. She recalls learning about a personality test; she found this to be extremely interesting. After taking the test, they learned more about themselves and how to interact with one another, based off their findings.


  • September Student of the Month! Desaree was nominated for RESPECT
  • Filming and directing graduation for class of 2016
  • Cross country
  • Teen Writer’s Guild, been published in the poetry and short stories books
  • Desaree's title was selected for the title her freshman year, “Painted in the Shade of Words”
  • Student council
  • Skills USA: Received fourth place in the state! Desaree submitted a short film and hopes to receive first place this year and attend nationals next spring.
  • Leadership council of class of 2017
  • AP World History this year
  • AP English (Senior year)
  • Plays recreation softball. She is a switch-hitter and enjoys playing in the outfield, with plans to try out for the girl’s softball team this spring

Desaree loves that she can take AP World History this year. She wants to attend Texas A&M for Linguistics and Political Science. She wants to be a part of the U.N. and work with organizations across the globe. “I just want to help people", remarked Desaree.

Desaree was inspired during the summer camp program by a speaker, who was in the military and a former NFL player, “he visited Cuba and taught children how to play soccer. He saw sharks in the water when he arrived. He said none of the children had any shoes. One of the little boys wanted to come to the U.S. and be a dentist because his family had no dental care. The young boy said he would leave Cuba right now, but he was afraid of the sharks. The speaker said that we all have our sharks." The speaker got to fly over the sharks; this unfortunate child could not leave the island because of his limitations. He came home and started an organization, which provided shoes for the children in Cuba. Desaree explained, "the linguist who helped him communicate during his visit inspired me – she spoke five languages! I want to help others and since I’ve traveled most of my life with a parent in the military, I don’t mind traveling. Political science is a passion of mine. My cousin pays a lot of money to attend school in Mexico. She wants to come to the U.S. to study, but was denied a visa. I would like to work with the U.N. to help others achieve the education of their choice, since education is so important".

By, Laura Geltch, Program & Community Coordinator, BCIT

BCIT attended the Burlington County Educational Fall Resource Fair

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BCPDI Workshop Series

October 16, 2015

Topic: The NGSS in Secondary Science Classrooms: Effective Practices
Presenter: Dr. Djanna Hill

Click HERE for the BCPDI online Workshop Series Brochure

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Save the Date! BCIT Fall Discovery Night

Parent Focus Group with Superintendent, Dr. Christopher Manno

Parents, you're invited to a Parent Focus Group meeting with Dr. Manno on:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 4:30 p.m.


Charleen Stevenson, at cstevenson@bcit.cc by November 3, 2015.

BCIT Summer Camp 2016

Registration for our 2016 BCIT Summer Camp opens February 1, 2016. Register early! Our camps fill up fast.

Camp dates for Summer 2016:

July 11-15

July 18-22

July 25-29

BCIT Summer Camp Comments

"I love this camp and I am coming back next year!"

"Each day was so great! We made so many different foods and they're all so good, and I remember all the recipes!"

BCIT Red Ribbon Week:

Red Ribbon Week: October 23-30, 2015

12 Angry Jurors

Friday, Dec. 11th, 7pm

10 Hawkin Road

Medford, NJ

BCIT Medford's Academy of Performing Arts presents:

Twelve Angry Jurors

Dec. 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 at 7 p.m.

Do you have a story to share?

Dear BCIT Community.

Our students and staff are unique and truly outstanding Burlington County community members. It would be my pleasure to share student, family, and parent stories with our school's community.

Please contact me if you would like to share your story.

Thank you,

Laura Geltch

Program & Community Coordinator


Burlington County Alternative School hosts Parent/Community Network Events

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Basic Internet Safety for Teens

2ndFloor.org Youth Helpline

In NJ, youth have an anonymous and confidential helpline to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 1-888-222-2228 to speak with someone who will listen attentively and compassionately to any issues you are facing.

ANY CALL, ANY TIME - we are always here and ready to help.


Emergency Closing/Delayed Opening Procedures:

In the event of a campus emergency or inclement weather, staff members will be contacted via email, phone message, and text message. In addition, we will post a Special Alert Message on our website.

Staff Members, Help us Contact You.

Have you moved? Have you changed your phone number or email address? Please make sure to update your information with BCIT Personnel.

Students will be contacted using information stored in Genesis, our electronic student database. Parents should be reminded to ensure their contact information is up-to-date. Any changes should be reported to the main office of the student's school.