Nazi Germany

dreshaun davis


at the beginning of the 1930s, Nazi Germany exploited widespread and deep-seated discontent in Germany to attract popular and political views. the Nazi Party won 107 seats in the Reichstag (the German Parliament), becoming the second-largest party. The following year, it more than doubled its seats. In January 1933, President von Hindenburg appointed Hitler chancellor, believing that the Nazis could be controlled from within their cabinet.

media portrayed event #1

because of the scholars of the Third Reich, Himmler's intense interest in the German past was becoming a reality because germany was losing a war and war crime were being commited at the time but becauseHimmler was very serious about returning the Third Reich, he lost track of his own plan. In 1935 he founded a large german research institute, employing more than 100 German scholars to study the pastways of their ancestors, this was a very important matter in order to changes Germany's future

media portrayed event# 2

the majority of people who were only focused on the historical revision of the Holocaust that caused many young American Jews to criticize, have good reason to because accepting the inference that they did not want to know what was happening to Europe's Jews, led us to believe they were so absorbed in their effort to be accepted or assimilated in American society that they chose silence rather than public outrage because of the Nazi crimes which were being committed at the time.

media bias

the bias shown was through source control because the author gave very good information but he still left out one side of the story instead of telling the us the whole thing in detail and the people of Germany were also concerned with what the media was throwing out to the public.

criticism #1

Nazi Germany was seen through the historical lens because the united states fought against fascism which was a common trait the majority of people in Germany.

criticism #2

Nazi Germany and america are also seen through cultural lens because the Nazis wanted to be the only superior race and were at war with the USA, the Americans were more focused on the people and not its own personal values.