Computers Components

Alys Saunders

What is a hard drive?

A hard drive is something which keeps all of your work safe on the computer so they don't getlost of any other thing

Floppy disk

Is a hard drive but it has a different name for it, because the company dosen't want it to sounf the same so people wouldn't stop buying it.

How a computer works

All computers have three things in three things in common

A central processing unit

Some memory

Some method of inputting data and outputting information.

For example if you ran a shop , you would need a listr of all the people who bought these products , you could feed this data into the computer , then the computer would store all of the memory for you.

What is a monitor?

A monitor is similar device to a tv screen it gets signal from the computer and displays for the user to see


The CPU stands central processing unit, the CPU is one of the most important parts of the computer, its not cheep it is very expensive. CPU's are sometimes called microproccessers. The microproccesser was first introduced in the 1970's


The motherboard is the main circuit on the computer. It has many sockets so the CPU memory (RAM and ROM cards), the motherboard is essential because without it the computer will just fall down. There are extra boards called daughter boards, which can be plugged into the motherboard

Inputs and outputs

Inputs- the input is what sets an electrical circuit in action any of the following components can be used as inputs

- a switch

- a key pad

- A light dependant resistor

- A thermistor

- A photodiode

- A phototransistor

- An opto-isolater

An output is what results from a electrical circuit. Any of the following components can be used as outputs


- A lamp

- A buzzer

- A piezo

- A motor or stepper motor

- A solenoid

- A relay

- A seven- segment display

Touch screen

A touch senstive visual unit , has wires criss crossing the screen that are used to de-touch. Many mobile phones have touch screens and have the keypad with a touch screen phone. They are oftenb used on cash machines at the shops and in shopping centre.