Noora and Alyaa's Uranus

Uranus is a planet in our solar system


Uranus is made out of Rocks and Ice


Like the other gas planets,Uranus does not have a solid surface


Uranus has a thick atmosphere.

Uranus atmosphere is made out of hydogen and helium gases.


Uranus is named after the lord of the skies and the husband of Erath

Size and gravity

Gravity on Uranus is weaker than Earth.

It is 67 times bigger than Earth.


The temperature on Uranus is -184 C.


1 year on Uranus is 30,684 Earth days

There are 17.2 Earth hours in a day


Uranus' rings are made up of black dust and largerocks. The rings are smaller than Saturn.

Spin On Its Side

Some people say that there was a big crash that turned Uranus on its side.