Study Tips

Austin Lord

Similar Stimuli

Try to do something while studying ,such as chewing gum, that you can replicate when you need to recall what you have learned. Much like mood congruent memories, the same stimuli will help to recall some of the same memories.

Continue to Study

Try to keep studying from the time you get the information until you are tested on it. While relearning may seem like a good strategy, it is better to prevent memory decay in the first place.

Good Old Fasoined Strategies

Sometimes the best study strategies are the ones that you already know. Elaborative rehearsal is a fancy term for a simple concept. It is when you connect new memories to ones that you already have in your head. Mnemonic devices are ways to improve memory by associating stuff you already know to new ideas like ACEG for music notes. The final strategy is simple drill and repetition. While it may seem boring, this is a great way to memorize new information.