Loren Chadima

Award Winning Director, Producer, Writer, Acting Coach

Intentional Acting for Young Actors and their Parents

When it comes to acting one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is what it takes to replicate great performances. My answer is “Know your Intention”. But what exactly does this mean?

Intentional Acting is designed to empower actors with the tools to create compelling, natural “Zone” performances. The tools, principles and methodologies taught through Intentional Acting will help the actor to be confident, creative, present and passionate which results in higher success rates for the actor to secure the job and fulfills their dreams.

Loren Chadima : Creating a Smooth Path to Consistent Bookings!

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 7-8pm

3700 Barham Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

  • Learn the 9 rules of Intentional Acting to bring out your best and really connect in the scene
  • De-clutter your acting brain to uncover the hidden values in the script
  • Avoid the #1 reason why many child actors don't transition well to adult actor

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