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Mesopotamia and surrounding areas

Agricultural report

Agricultural Update for Wednesday Dec 4, 3000B.C.

Farmers are expecting more water in dry drought areas due to the new irrigation systems supplied by our city-state of Mesopotamia. The canals are doing their job of redirecting water to our farm fields. We are also looking for more land in the southern part of Mesopotamia for growing more wheat, for our supply is low. We are expecting 2 to 3 inches of rainfall in the next couple of days. It looks as though our drought season is coming to an end.

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wheeled cart

there is this new invention in town I would like to tell you about, it’s called the “Wheeled Cart”. It will help you move heavy stuff . Here are some reasons why you should use one. It helps you move things that are heavy, such as construction material for building new ziggurats. Also the wheeled cart helps by carrying a lot of something. Things it can help carry are food, crops, plants, building materials and more. So please purchase a wheeled cart today and change your life forever!!! It helps with agricultural demands by moving large amounts of food.

Weather Report

weather report May 3, 2050 B.C.

Today in the weather Report we are expecting 6 inches of rain. The entire area of Mesopotamia is expecting massive flooding on a large scale. we are expecting 8 to 10 inches of rain in the East. We are expecting a lot of river flooding, and the eufrates river is going to crest today. We are also expecting a lot of rain in farming fields. The rivers could have heavy rain. The rivers That will be flooded is the Tigris river and the Euphrates river. King hammurabi has declare a state emgermacy. Please be advised to use caution in flooded areas and move to a higher place, and dont forget about your pets and livestock.

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