My Summer Plans


South Carolina

My summer is going to be filled with excitement this year! Me and my family go on so many adventures. One place we are going to, and have gone to every year of my South Carolina! for one whole week, i get to sit in the sun, go in the pool and the most exciting part is Savannah Georgia. its known as the most haunted city in the country. I love going there with my cousins because we get to go to the candy shop by the ghost tour buses. The Candy shop is so big, it could fit every type of candy you could ever dream of. Plus, you get to watch the people make the taffy on the machine. At the end of the day, we go night swimming at the Marriot barony beach villas. Its my favorite vacation spot in the world. We have hoola hoop contests by the pool that I won 3 years in a row. And we can go to the store near the pool that has smoothies of any kind you want. Finally, there are multiple pools indoor and outdoor. I cannot wait to go. And Im so excited!

The places I go!