Cargo Ships

By Erika Madlambayan, Cristina Gomez, and Kriti Gautam

What is it made of?

The hull is made of steel plates and strengthening beams. The main deck is covered with metal plate work.

Who and where as it invented?

Malcolm McLean invented containerized shipping in North Carolina.

How does it work?

Containers carrying desired products is kept at a port in container stacks until the designated ship arrives. Once it arrives the containers are brought to the ships and shipped to their designated locations.
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What is its impact on society?

It lets people get desired goods whenever that want it. But it also uses massive amounts of fossil fuels that might be contributing to global warming.

How does it affect where someone lives?

People who live near popular ports have been linked to cancerous and asthma causing chemicals due to low-grade ship bunker fuels, used by some companies. On the other hand the people who get the supplies shipped to where they live get what they want when they want it.

How has it impacted the way people use their resources?

People in poor countries might demolish their enviornment so they can make a living because they need money for them and their families. But it leaves their home damaged, so either way they aren't going to have the best life.

How has it impacted where people are able to live?

People don't have to migrate to get their desired goods.

What is the impact of your innovation on Globalization?

It is easier for goods to go from place to place. There are american companies in India, that involves clothes being shipped to India, and in return Indian clothing is being shipped to America. All these cultural aspects are able to go around the world creative a more globalize do world.


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Cargo Ships