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It has been my privilege to work with your child/children in the gifted program. Next year I will be cutting back my schedule and will be working on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday only. Derek Hutchinson, Renner 5th grade teacher, will be joining the gifted staff and sharing the students who come to Renner for Bridges. He will be working on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Derek has a natural tilt toward the ideals of gifted education and is excited to explore integration of technology and project-based learning into the gifted classroom. We are excited to partner together to bring a high quality gifted program to the students at Renner, Hawthorn and Union Chapel.


Most students are really engaged in our research project. I have heard from many different parents about their child's enthusiasm with this project. It is always a joy to watch students' creativity unfold during this process. Students in 4th and 5th grade will be finishing research soon and presenting before district testing occurs April 29th-May 9th. Students in 2nd and 3rd grade will have additional time to complete their country report and Research Poster, which I have provided.

The last week of Bridges for the 2013-14 school year will be May 20-23.

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Sharpen your problem-solving skills with Analogy. The goal is to complete the pattern by analyzing the similarities and differences in a sequence. Then click, or drag and drop the word, picture, or shape that fits the missing space. Analogy can help strengthen analytical thinking, perception, spatial skills, memory, and creativity.