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January 2021- hybrid updates

Hybrid Restart

Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to remind our families that hybrid has started this week. Students are returning to school on their assigned days (Either M/T if they are AA days or Th/F if they are BB days).

Transportation is working to add stops to the routes for those returning to us this morning. We are doing our best to help answer any questions regarding pick up times and drop off times. You can use transportations website to look up bus times, but we are also willing to help you locate that information as well.

School Bus Stops

Report Cards

Report cards will be coming home on Monday, January 25th with A students, January 28th with B students, and will be emailed for virtual students. However, parents that have access to Parent Portal can access their child's report cards at the end of the week.

Students will be starting fresh for the 3rd quarter, and is a great time to start new routines to make sure work is completed and submitted. We will be reaching out to set up a plan for any students who have multiple missing assignments and are in jeopardy of failing. We want every student to be successful and that begins with participation and work completion.

2021-2022 Kindergarten registration UPDATES

The Elementary Principal's group have begun the planning process for Kindergarten registration. It looks like we will be kicking off K-registration on Wednesday, March 24th from 12:00 (noon) to 7:00 pm. This is county wide for all elementary schools. We will be setting these up by appointment. I will be sending out information regarding this process in more detail in February.

New Haven will also be handling the registration process for families who have kindergarteners attending Steeplechase Elementary next year.

Upcoming student assessments

The next few weeks you may be hearing about or seeing students involved in different mid-year assessments for both reading and math. We give a couple of assessments so that we can get triangulate data to determine growth and adjust instruction over the next few months.

Some students will be taking the SAVVAS Math test (similar to Envision quick-checks)
Students 2-5th will be taking the CASE standards assessment in reading and math beginning February 1st through the 12th. Teachers will decide when each of their homerooms will assess.

Virtual students will have small meets scheduled so that the teachers can administer the assessments on-line. They will be communicating that to you and your children in the coming weeks.

Covid reporting

As we prepare to come back to school in the hybrid model, we've been asked to remind parents that any cases or suspected cases of Covid need to be reported to the school nurse, Lori Loschiavo or health clerk, Nora Turner. This is for the health and safety of everyone as well as making sure that we can maintain our hybrid model and hopefully reach full days of in person instruction. You can reach them at 859-384-5325



We would like to welcome Lindsey Desjardin as our new PTA president! We are excited for her to have her leadership along with all of the other parents who have volunteered their time this year.


You can access the webpage below to find out about events, information, spirit wear, and opportunities to join.

NH PTA website


A big thank you to all the families that supported NH at our "Canes' Night. It was a great success!

General Meeting

The PTA will be having a general board meeting on January 20th at 7:00 pm to celebrate those students who were chosen to be recognized by their teachers. There will be a zoom link posted for all who would like to attend. There will be a slideshow link for families who cannot attend. During the board meeting executive board members will share the current budget, activities, and planned events. At the December board meeting, the board did discuss the advantages and disadvantages of transitioning from a PTA status to a PTO. Dissolution was approved to be taken to the general membership.We are notifying all families in our community who are or are not members. Anyone can attend the meetings. That meeting will be held on March 10th. More than likely that too will be a zoom meeting due to restrictions, but if it changes notification will be sent out to families and well as publicized.

Student Food Bags

The district is making an adjustment to the food distribution and are offering both 5 and 7 day food bags for families. Because there is an increase to the amount of food being sent home we will NOT be sending them home with students on buses. We were finding that many students were struggling to carry the 3 day food bags. Food bags that are requested will be able to be picked up in our bus loop on Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. If there are any families that are unable to make it during those times, we would be more than willing to make arrangements with you for another time. Please call the office or speak with Kelsee Aker, our FRC coordinator, to set up arrangements. (FRC- 859-384-5385)

The process of requesting the food bags has remained the same. You can find the order form on the Boone County Schools webpage or click the link below. If you have any questions regarding the meals you can speak with our cafe manager Kay Rodgerson.

Meal Order form

Keeping up with the Calendar Chaos


18th - MLK Jr. Day- No school

19th- Hybrid Model begins (A schedule students return to school)
20th- PTA general meeting 7:00 pm
21st- Hybrid Model for B students begin

28th- SBDM

2nd- 12th- Reading / Math assessments (district wide) - each classroom will set testing days
11th- BOE meeting at Ralph Rush Development center 7:30 pm
15th- President's Day (No School)
25th- SBDM

10th- PTA meeting

11th- BOE meeting 7:30 pm
14th- Daylight savings (spring forward)
19th- Teacher In-service day (NO School)
25th- SBDM

8th- BOE meeting 7:30 pm
12th- 16th - SPRING BREAK

19th- 23rd- REMOTE LEARNING week
22nd- SBDM

13th- BOE meeting
3rd- 14th- Possible STATE TESTING WINDOW for 3rd- 5th grades
27th- Last day of the 2020-2021 school year

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Remote Learning Parent Resources