Updates from B113

Mrs. Pieschek's 2nd Graders

Social Studies

We finished up our Famous People Unit with Google Slide presentations. Have your child log onto their Google account and share with you at home.
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We are working on Main Idea and Details. Students are expected to read a short passage - pick out the BIG idea and support it with a few details.

Practice websites:






We will be learning about graphing. Your child will be responsible for coming up with a question, surveying his or her classmates, and creating a table, as well as a picture and bar graph to show this information. Lastly, they will need to be able to answer questions using a graph.

We will also start learning how to tell time to the nearest five minute interval as well as understand the concept of a.m. and p.m. Please help your child practice these skills at home.

Addition and Subtraction Flashcards

At this time in the year, students should be recalling their facts rather quickly. To mix up the flashcard practice, there are some wonderful math games on the computer that can be found on the following link or Moby Max Fact Master.



We are starting our Lifecycle unit.
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Happy Birthday to Summer Birthdays

***For those students who have birthdays in May, June, July and August, please begin to think about when you would like us to celebrate this special day and let me know. We will make sure to celebrate all birthdays before the end of the school year. Thank you for your cooperation with this. Please remember we have a nut allergy in our classroom.