12 Angry Men

Juror #1


Juror number one, also known as "Foreman", is a high-school assistant head coach who kept the jury meeting as formal as possible and tried to maintain his authority.

The man who served as juror number one was a non-confrontational person who tried to keep order in place. He was the man who led every vote and brought up different points to talk about. Juror number one was very serious about his authoritative role and wanted the rest of the room to be calm. He also wanted to keep things as fair as he could possibly make them during discussions.

Often times juror number one would get easily frustrated or upset when someone tried to take over his control even though he probably wasn't the best choice to be the leader. For the most part he did conduct the meeting in a professional way and tried to calm the group but the other men often dismissed what he said or overshadowed him.

Throughout the movie juror number one's main goal was to keep things organized and show that he had the authority. Because he was so formal, he often thought about what he was going to say before he said it.

When speaking juror one never really got angry and was often times the peace-maker and brought in a lot of evidence and new ideas to the conversations.