Bobcat Bulletin

April 11, 2016

Dear Bobcats,

Eight weeks! Not that I am counting or anything, more like I am panicking that we have so much to do and so little time to do it. I am sure you are feeling the pressure too. Third-sixth grade state testing will begin on April 25 and run through May 20th. We will all need to do our part to support our test takers. Buddy classes might like to find a creative way to encourage their big buddies like writing letters or sunshine notes. Once testing begins, we will need to respect the sacred quiet mornings as we walk the halls. On that note, let's tighten up on our 4 S lines and chat with students about appropriate "leader" behavior. Do not let spring fever take hold. If you have not already do so, revisit with your class the school "Code of Conduct" expectations.

ELD and Intervention, as we have been doing all year, does not work with our testing and field trip schedules. However, I expect teachers to continue to provide ELD and small group intervention in ELA/math daily. You can creatively design how you will deliver this instruction.

Open House has been postponed until May 18th. The Lighthouse Team will be working on a mini version of our Leadership Day to share with our parents. Our students knocked the socks off our guests and I know our families would love to see this as well. It is a great way to imbed LIM training for our families and keep them in the loop. The Lighthouse Team will share our plan with you.

Springing Froward!