Blue Whale

Tuesday Group-Michael, Amari, Desmond


The Blue Whale is huge and can weigh up to 150 tons! In the early 2000's it estimated 10,000 to 25,000 Blue Whales survived. A whale usually eats krill, a shrimp like animal.
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The Blue Whale habitat is in the ocean the ocean they live in is the North Atlantic,North pacific,Indian ocean,Pacific ocean.

How many Blue whales are left

In the ocean there are 10,000 Blue whales left in the ocean because people keep catching the whales with nets.

Why people hunt whales

People wanted to hunt down blue whales because in the early 1900's people wanted blue whales to become extinction.

Ways to help the blue whale

We can help Blue whales by stopping people from using nets to catch blue whales because there are only a little bit of blue whales left. We can also help the blue whales by taking out pollution from the water.

Interesting Facts

Blue whales eat 40,000,000 krill a day. People killed off almost all the Blue Whales in the mid - 1900's. The Blue Whales live in coastly waters.