10 important events

Rosa Parks

When she refused to move from her seat in the white section on the bus, on December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks started a movement that would end in wide changes for the over persecuted African American population in the United States

Sweatt v. Painter

A United States supreme court case in which the rule allowing "separate but equal" public spaces and the segregation of blacks and whites was over turned. This was later cited as an influential cause of the integration of public schools. The picture features the lawyers of this court case.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Led by Martin Luther King Jr., the bus boycott was a racial and political movement done by the people to make their voices heard and stand up for what they believed was fair and just. This was more than some event in Washington because it was a whole group of people not just the political leaders at the time.

Brown v Board of Education in Topeka, Kansas

The supreme court ruled that establishing separate public schools for blacks and for whites was illegal. This led to the slow but sure integration of all the schools. This case was highly picketed and disagreed with.

Central HS

The integration of schools did not go as easily as the government seemed to think that it would. When black children attempted to enroll at Central HS in Arkansas the state militia was there to try to stop them. President Eisenhower was forced to send national guard troops to escort the children to school

Jackie Robinson

He was the first African American baseball player. This was a major part of the Civil Rights movement because it was a public sign that times were changing the they were going to be accepted into all major parts of American society.

Civil Rights Act Passed in 07/1964

Congress passes law that reinforces both previously mentioned court cases. This officially outlawed all racial injustice.

Arm Forces Integrated

This move was more out of connivence than that of civil right. During WW2 we simply did not have the resources to maintain separate bases, and we needed the man power that the african american population provided. Never the less, these measures moved to starts the integration of all public service sectors.

March on Washington

This day was the grand stand of all the African American population to finally get what they have been working for. Events included the Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a Dream" speech.

24th Amendment

This amendment outlawed the poll tax, which significantly increased the amount of African American voter. So much so that they candidates had to start appealing more to that population than the white population.