All About Climate and Weather

Whats the weather today?


There are several factors that affect the weather conditions of an area. These factors include the temperature, the wind, the air moisture (humidity), the cloudiness, and the atmospheric pressure.

Air Masses

An air mass is a large body of air that has similar temperature and moisture properties throughout. The best source regions for air masses are large flat areas where air can stall long enough to take on the characteristics of the surface below. Maritime tropical air masses (mT), for example, develop over the subtropical oceans and transport heat and moisture northward into the U.S. In contrast, continental polar air masses (cP), which originate over the northern plains of Canada, transport colder and drier air southward.

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Warm Fronts, Cold Fronts and Stationary Fronts

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High Pressure and Low Pressure Systems

High Pressure

  • Cool Dense air sinking
  • Move in a clockwise direction (anticyclones) out from the center
  • Associated with clear skies and calm weather

Low Pressure

  • Warm moist air rising
  • Moves in a counterclockwise direction (cyclones) up towards the center
  • Associated with clouds, precipitation, bad weather

High pressure moves to Low pressure creating wind

Ocean Currents and Climate