Beasley Weekly Bulletin

Week of February 15, 2016

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Message from Dr. BC


Children grow up so fast, don't you agree? While watching the movie "Big" this past Sunday starring Tom Hanks, I was moved by the movie's dominant theme. In the movie, a 12 year old boy wishes to be big (adult) and then learned to value his boyhood experiences after being an adult. There is the theme that that the grass always looks greener on the other side. However, I believe it can be green on both. The facts are we only young once and children should enjoy being children. Given this point, we are committed toward providing positive milestones for our children.

Being reflective and listening to our stakeholders we are implementing action in: quality instruction, positive school experiences, improved communication, and rewarding students when they are caught being good (discipline). This month we have planned to implement the following:

1. Caught Being Good Program (Earning Beasley Bucks)

2. K-8th Valentine's Day Dance

3. Daddy/Daughter Dance

4. Student vs. Staff Basketball Game

5. Know Your Heritage Assembly (Black History Month)

6. Upper grade field trip to see "Race" Jesse Owens Story

We will continue to move forward to find ways to ensure that students have a positive and rewarding school experience.

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Beasley Daddy/Daughter Valentine Dance Saturday, February 14, 2016 @ 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Beasley held its very first K-4th Grade Daddy Daughter Dance. This event was a huge success due to the phenomenally effective leadership of Ms. Hickman (Gifted K Teacher). What attributed to the success of the event was Teacher Leadership which is a powerful way to strengthen schools. Ms. Hickman took my vision of a Daddy/Daughter and improved it by including activities to include: food, dancing, tiara making, raffles with prizes, treats, and photography provided by Potter Photography. We had over 200 people in attendance. Additional thanks goes to Ms. Pattrick (1st grade Teacher), Mr. Dowell (Dean), Ms. Forrest (Clerk), Mrs. Simpson (Internal Accounts Clerk), Ms. Armstrong (6th Grade Dept. Math), any Beasley staff member who attended, and all of our Beasley fathers, grandfathers, uncles, big brothers, male roles models and etc. who came to support our Beasley girls. It was a very organized and fun-filled event for our girls!
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Beasley K-8th Valentine's Day Dance Friday, February 13th, 2016

We would like to thank Ms. Hickman (Gifted K Teacher) for her leadership with the coordination of our Beasley Valentine's Day Dance. Students were allowed to pay $1 and come dressed out of uniform wearing red, pink or white, participate in video dancing and received a Valentine treat. Students who had Beasley Bucks that were caught being good were able to buy additional snacks at the Principal's Place.
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Beasley: We Compete!!!

Beasley Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball Team are Network 9 Champions. Our teams represent Network 9 in the Play-offs to compete for the city championship. This Saturday, February 14th we continue to move forward:

Beasley Green Boys vs. Lindblom (Beasley wins)

Beasley Green Girls vs. Lindblom (Beasley wins) (Featured below at South Shore H.S.)

Beasley 7th Grade Boys vs. St. Margaret (Beasley wins) * St. Rita H.S. Tournament

Beasley 7th Grade Boys 1st Place Champions in Brother Rice H.S. Tournament

Beasley 5th/6th Grade Boys are undefeated in all tournaments.

Beasley 5th.6th Grade Girls are undefeated in CPS.

We would like to extend a congrats to the Beasley Boys Gold Team (6th-8th). They lost to Providence of Englewood at the St. Sabina Tournament 34-30 on Friday and are no longer in the play-offs (Featured below). Beasley Varsity Green Girls and Boys are still undefeated in the St. Sabina Play-offs and will advance.

We Support. We Grow. We Compete. We are Beasley! Go Bees!!

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Curriculum Maps/Lesson Plans

All Quarter 3 curriculum maps are due to your designated administrator at this time. Please email them for our review. The more we know what you intend to teach in your classroom the more effective support we can provide you. Please make sure they are submitted by Tuesday, February 16th.

NWEA Data (Data Dive)

After analyzing the NWEA Data there are areas of celebration and areas of challenge.

Celebrations !!!

Every grade level *with the exception of 5th grade math showed some higher avg. RIT growth in both reading in math.

The highest comparative trend avg. RiT growth from EOY to MOY were as follows:

3rd grade math = 190.8 to 198.4

4th grade reading = 202.7 to 205.9

7th grade math = 220.6 to 223.6

8th grade math = 226.9 to 229

2nd Grade is starting strong for their first time taking the NWEA.

Attainment percentages (%-ile over Natl avg.) are over 50% in most grades *with the exception of 6th grade reading (46%) and math (39%).

Challenges (Closing the Achievement Gap)

  1. Even though there are positive horizontal trends (by grade level), the challenges are that higher rates of growth are needed (vertical trends).
  2. Higher rates of reading growth is needed and an intense focus is needed more on academic vocabulary/grammar in order to achieve 80% growth in reading.
  3. Please continue with close reading, essential questions, and argument-centered literacy with informational text.
  4. Please continue with teaching the literacy devices using complex poetry.

Enjoy your 3-Day Weekend!

We have much work to do.

Thank you!!!