2015 Green Run Penny War!

To benefit Pennies for Patients

1-2-3-4! I declare a PENNY WAR!

As we continue our Be Kind, Do Kind efforts, April 14-24 will serve as dates for GRES' penny drive. The goal is to have the school collect at least 50,000 pennies to make at least a $500 donation to support Pennies for Patients {the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society}!

Each class will have their own collection boxes to accumulate pennies and have the opportunity to place silver coins in another grade’s penny collection. Anything silver {dimes, nickels, and quarters} in the bucket will cancel out pennies so that pennies are positive points and silver coins are negative points. For example if Mrs. Recine's and Ms. Dallas's classrooms each collect 100 pennies on Tuesday but Mrs. Recine's class gives Ms. Dallas's 40 cents in quarters, nickels or dimes, then Ms. Dallas's class total for the day will be 60 cents or 60 points.

To reward students for their efforts, Pennies for Patients will provide funds for a pizza party for the top collecting class!

Classroom connection

What I will graciously need from classroom teachers are two volunteers each morning to collect and deliver the money to Ms. Pierre-Louis by 9:10 each morning.

Pennies collected are positive points for the penny war; and quarters, nickels, dimes are negative points. When the two responsible classroom counters are totaling the change (during announcements), they will place the pennies and silver coins in their labeled Ziploc bags to deliver to Ms. Pierre-Louis.

As a class decide who you want to give your silver coins to (remember, silver coins are negative points)!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Possible learning opportunities:

  • Math: multiplying, counting and sorting coins, subtraction, graphing, multiplying,
  • Language Arts: writing prompt, "Once I found a lucky penny and when I picked it up..." {May 23rd is Lucky Penny Day}
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