Bartholomew Kettle Character Sketch

from the book "The Peculiar"


Imagine growing up in a world where you are disliked by almost all, you live in a disgusting slum with a single parent, and around every corner lurks danger that could place your life in peril. This is the life of a “Changeling” known as Bartholomew Kettle. In the mystical world of and alternate England, fables depicting faeries, monsters, and much more are very real. Changelings, simply put, are the offspring of a human and a faery. They are considered abominations, because human and faery interaction is looked down upon. Bartholomew Kettle, however, is an amazing boy who puts others before himself, and risks it all to save everyone he holds dear.


Bartholomew Kettle is an ordinary boy (despite the fact that he is a Changeling) from Bath, England. He is my favorite character in The Peculiar due to his shy, yet courageous nature. One aspect of Bartholomew that many times gets noticed is his strange Changeling appearance. Even though he is not as flashy as his sister with her giant horns, if you look closely enough you can detect his sunken eyes and their strange color. He has semi-long brown hair with small sharp ears that poke out from it. His appearance is helpful to a changeling such as himself because it allows him to walk around outside undetected, and if it was found that he was a changeling he would likely be killed.

Bartholomew Kettle is also a very shy boy. Ever since he was little, he was taught "Don't get yourself noticed and you won't get yourself hanged." Living in a faery slum, he met almost no children, and the ones he did meet did not stay around long to become friends. Even though Bartholomew is shy, his situation does suppress the wild side of him that is brought out later in the story. In order to save the world, he must get out of the slums and work with others to stop the evils of the Faeries.

Even in his circumstances, Bartholomew still manages to think positively, and just want the greater good to win out over evil. He didn't have to help his unlikely friend vanquish the evil faeries, but he did it anyway. Against every thing he was taught as a child, he succeeded in standing out and rallying the good against the evil, and finally eventually he and his companions beat these evils back.

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Bartholomew Kettle