Mr. Mason Believes

on the Apostles and Nicene Creed

Who is Mr. Mason

Mr. Mason is an assistant principal and Jubilee Primary. He is 55yrs Old who has 4 children and 2 grand children. He is also a Catholic.

The Language of the creeds

Belief, Common Language- motto- mission- team song- common language of group-statement, To provide a bond/base- being a part of being something bigger than your self- direction/purpose

Timeless words to live by

Mr. Mason explains how everything can change for example our health, our looks, our house but the only thing that can't change is our belief or religion. No matter what we do our religion can't change. For Mr. Mason the creed summarises him as a christian and conducts himself according to beliefs and faith.

What does the Creed mean to me

Both Creed to me means the same thing. Each of these creed may have different wording but they both mean the same. Jesus died for our sake and I am thank full for that. As a christian I believe in Jesus and God and the creed to me means just to remember Jesus and remember not to worry because he with always be there for me. Also to not complain because there a people out there with less than me and need it more than me. So the creed means to mean to be thankful and happy that I am alive and the reason for it is Jesus.