Stop Hunting Carelesly

Are You Hunting Safely

Resurch qustions

  • Are you huting carelessly
  • Are you being smart with a wepon
  • Are you breaking the law k
  • Are you drinking
  • Are you mentaly disabeld
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Hunting carefully

Careless hunting is an issue that needs to stop. The Department of Environmental Science states; ¨It needs to stop. Careless hunting leads to approximately 1,000 people in the US and Canada who are accidentally shot by hunters every year, and just under a hundred of those accidents are fatalities.¨ Most victims are careless hunters. There are laws people need to abide by and skills people need to learn. The Department of Environmental Science also has a list of “Ten Commandments of Hunting Safety.¨ The list includes things like; Controlling the direction of the firearm's muzzle. Being sure of the target and what is beyond it. Being sure the barrel and action are clear of obstructions. Unloading firearms when not in use, and finally never point a firearm at anything that is not intended to be shot. Over 60% of all the fatalities and deaths occur by not following these rules. According to the Department of Environmental Science, “Always assume every gun is loaded. Control the muzzle. Point the gun in a safe direction. Keep fingers off the trigger until ready to shoot. Be sure of the target and what is behind it.” 40% of the accidents lead to death by not following these rules. Another point to be aware of is a person's disabilities that may make them unstable. If someone is disabled and would like to go hunting, they should check with their doctor first. From my perspective, a hunter who has not taken hunters safety courses, seems to act careless with their firearms. They are more focused on killing a big animal. “Make sure to approach hunting at a far more serious level. Always be aware of mental illness issues, depression, crime records etc.¨

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