Josh Samuel

Problem and Solution

When you starve, you find something to eat no matter what the risk. This is an extreme case of perseverance because to eat your own kind is the last resort so to get there you must have persevered to get that far. That amount of perseverance can be showed by the Donner party. They were going to California from Illinois in search for a better life. As they were going they were faced with some extreme cases like starvation, and the only idea any one had to persevere through it was cannibalism. But the most important part is not the cannibalism but the journey they made to get there because that was when their perseverance was shown. In other words when you have a big problem you need a lot perseverance, to get a big solution.

Cause and Effect

In the movie Rudy a boy named Rudy wanted to play for Notre Dame but nobody thought he was good enough to get in to the school or on the team. Even though those people thought that they where crushing his hopes of making it in to Notre Dame. But actually they were causing him to try harder and its effect was that eventually he got to play for Notre Dame. Rudy also perseveres through the adversity of not having good grades so he could not go to Notre Dame. But when his friend died Rudy had an obligation to get into Notre Dame because of what his friend did for him. And that cause's effect was that he worked hard and got in to Notre Dame