8.31.15 - 9.4.15

Tech Updates!

1. We may have a fix for AirServer, the software we use to project our iPads to our MacBooks. See the TechTip below to follow the instructions. Everyone needs to follow the instructions even if you aren't using AirServer so that we can make it better for those who do use it regularly.

2. If you need an external DVD drive, they are now in your building's library. If you check it out, be a good device user and return it as soon as your done. There's a little trick for using the drive, so check out the video below in the Zoom In On... section.

3. I have emailed about the keyboard cases, and my customer service rep, Flora, is working on getting us replacements and / or refunds. I'll keep you updated on their progress.

4. Tim sent out an email about the new website. Be sure to follow his instructions on how to post your content to the website. Based on teacher and parent feedback, we decided not to renew our Dewsly contract this year, so we'll be posting Dewsly type content on the website that Tim has so awesomely built for us. The more we post, especially about our use of technology, the more our community will see the value in it.

As always let me know how I can support you in our technology adventures!

~Sarah :)

Tech Tip

Let's Try to Fix AirServer!

Follow the instructions or watch the video tutorial in order to fix AirServer. We're hoping this will solve the problems, and if not, we'll keep trying to find a solution!

Click here --> AirServer Instructions to access the print instructions. Or watch the video below.

AirServer Fix

Zoom In On...

External CD/DVD Drive

Each library has external CD/DVD Drives that can read and burn CDs, as well as read DVDs. Each library also has one DVD Drive that can burn DVDs. Watch the video below for the secret trick to making the drives work!
DVD Player Instructions

Tech Try of the Week!


If you haven't yet, give Plickers a try this week. It's a quick and easy way to see how much your students actually understand what you're teaching. If you love lecture, use Plickers to chunk it into smaller, more digestible parts. After 10 minutes of lecture, use Plickers to ask 2-3 multiple choice check for understanding questions. If you're kids aren't understanding, you can reteach before moving on to the next chunk. Use it to review homework if you have a true / false or multiple choice section. Use it for lunch counts. Use it for quick polls about which brain break to do. The best part - it's free and the kids don't need devices to make it work!

Last week, I spotlighted Julie Exendine using Plickers with her Spanish 1 students. Alicia Hancock also tried Plickers last week with success! Both said it takes less than 30 seconds to scan a question and that the app consistently worked. Set up your classes, create your questions, and print out your cards at!

Apps of the Week!

I love Messages and FaceTime for the iPad and MacBook. It's an easy and quick way to communicate with others. All you need is your Apple ID and the Apple IDs of those with whom you want to chat. It's a great way to avoid all those emails cluttering up your inbox. If you've got a fast message to send, try out Messages instead of Gmail. FaceTime is also brilliant for it's ability to allow you to call someone with out having a cell phone. On a non-professional note, FaceTime allows me to see my family and friends, some as far away as Indonesia! It also allows them to see us, so even if we only see MiMi and Poppy once a month, Ollie still knows them and recognizes them because of our regular FaceTime conversations. So awesome.

To use Messages or FaceTime:

1. Ask for the Apple IDs of the people you contact via email or phone.

2. Input those Apple IDs in your Contacts app by pressing the +.

3. In FaceTime or Messages, start typing the name or Apple ID of the person you want to contact.

4. Press send or press the video icon to start chatting / videoing!

Tech Resources

The Practical EdTech Handbook

Click on the link --> The Practical EdTech Handbook for a free handbook on ways to purposefully integrate technology into your teaching. The Handbook is brought to you by Richard Byrne at, and the link to the handbook lands you on his PD for Teachers page where you could potentially find something to use with your Tech4Learning Cohort group.

Spotlight on...

Scott Lenz!

I had the opportunity to visit Scott Lenz's 7th grade Geography / Social Studies class while he was using Google Earth and AirServer. The students had their textbooks out and were using the textbooks to learn geography terms such as political vs relief map. Scott would then use Google Earth on his iPad to reinforce those concepts by showing the kids a particular map or part of the world and then asking students to identify what they saw. Scott also shared with his students that Google Earth is a great resource for their map work. Instead of struggling to find a particular place in an atlas, Scott recommended that students input the name of the place in Google Earth and watch as the app takes students to that specific location. He also showed them how to zoom in and out to get more geographic context. By using AirServer, Scott was able to walk around the room and still control his screen. Great job, Scott!
Google Earth in Action!

Don't Forget to Back Up Your H:// Drive!

If You Need Me...

Call me through FaceTime or Message me through your iPad. Also, check out my resources on Pinterest!