Methane Gas

5 great facts about Methane Gas!

Mike La Guardia

Learn great facts on Methane gas!

  • It is the simplest alkane, the main component of Natural gas, and probably the most abundant organic compound on earth.
  • Methane is a relatively potent greenhouse gas.
  • Main reactions with Methane are, combustion, steam reforming to syngas, and halogenation.
  • Methane's reactions are hard to control sometimes.
  • In the combustion of methane, many steps are involved. The following equations are part of the process, with the net result being
  • CH4+ M* → CH3 + H + M
  • CH4 + O2 → CH3 + HO2
  • CH4 + HO2 → CH3 + 2 OH
  • CH4 + OH → CH3 + H2O
  • O2 + H → O + OH

This is a really cool video, just thought i would share it!

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