Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette confused everyone

Hello Greg Bear once again, Good Morning to all, today I am revealing the funniest moment ever happened to me.

My friend lit up his electronic cigarette during the interval time when we were in line for a bathroom in the theater. The people who were in the line looked at her very disapprovingly, before anyone would start raising objections on him, he suddenly said, “I am not smoking. It only looks like smoking and it’s just water vapors.”

That’s the point that the e cigarette industry makes, and I believe that is the only one that my friend wants to believe in. After his response, it left them in a confused state and put a stop to any questions about the Second Hand Smoke. Everyone was quite at that time. May be they didn’t want to argue at that time as they were out to enjoy and they didn’t want to spoil their evening in any argument or maybe they didn’t know about this vapor gadget so they were not coming out confidentially. He continued to smoke; actually we shouldn’t say it as smoking, as it is vaping.

While questions about electronic cigarettes stayed below the surface in the Gents bathroom, they are hotly debated in the world of tobacco control and public health. There are concerns about the exact benefits and potential harms of e cigarettes, second hand smoke and the quality of the air.

Smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes as they found it a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, but non smokers say that how it can be safe when it is producing smoke, either it produce second hand smoke. So far, they have been manufactured and distributed without oversight, data, or proof that they are a bridge to quitting more toxic ingredients.