Scientific Revolution

Jocelyn C. 3rd

What was the change?

The scientific revolution changed the way people viewed the world. Aswell as in discoveries in medicine, physics, and biology.

Who were the people associated with the change?


Was an Italian math professor who set out to prove many of Aristotle's theories about nature wrong. For example he discovered objects accelerate at a predictable and fixed rate, Proved that heavy objects fall at the same rate as a lighter ones. Galileo made improvements to the telescope and was one of the first to improve it enough to use it to observe the sky.Galileo used the telescope to study sunspots, the moon's surface, and Jupiter's moons. The church was against Galileo's research and wanted him to stop working but he refused to stop his research. Galileo refused to stop his research once he was threatened to be tortured by the church, he signed a confession stating that the heliocentric model was heresy and therefor untrue. He was under house arrest, locked in his house until he died in 1727.

How did the change impact society at that time?

Intellectually, the Scientific Revolution caused a new way of thinking, including the establishment of the Scientific Method. This method became crucial to the efforts of intellectuals, European and otherwise, to discover more about the world around them. With these new tools at their disposal, European intellectuals were able to unlock the secrets of the nature, as well as the very universe itself. Among the most famous of the European intellectuals during the Scientific Revolution were Galileo, whose discoveries regarding our solar system still hold true today, and the noted scientist Marquis DeSade, whose studies of autoerotic asphyxiation became relevant to thousands of Europeans. The Scientific Revolution can be said to have definitively improved the lives of all European intellectuals.The religious world, however, was in chaos. The new focus on science led to discoveries that seemed to contradict the bible, which was held to that point to be the literal word of god. It developed a great division between followers of science, and those who held to their religious beliefs. During this time of disorder, several new religious sects gained fame, including Adventism and Scientology. The Scientific Revolution was a time of trials for many religious Europeans, and forever changed the way western society viewed the idea of an intelligent creator.

How is that change evidence in today's modern society?

Due to all the discoveries at this time, we have improved them, for example the telescope and use it often in our science classes around the whole world or scientist use them to discover things that are not proved yet or correctly proven. The also also proposed law (equations) that we use in our modern math on a daily basis. Lastly up to this day we still believe in all four suggestions these men made!

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