Word Switch

Reading and Figuring out what the paragraph says..


How fast can you figure out what the paragraph says with all the words messed up and with the words exactly how it is??

Hypothesis :

I think litzy will read it faster because she read very fast.

Background Knowledge :

There are many groups in Cambridge UK who have researched the Psycholinguistic evidence on scrambled letter in reading things. They have found that it really doesn't matter in what order the words are in just that the first and the last are in the same place.

Procedure :

1. Give them the pice of paper so that they can read it

2. Time them while they are read it

3. Give them the other pice of paper where the words aren't scrambled

4. Time them again

5. See the different types of time that it took them.

6. See what they got wrong

Data :

Fermin : scrambled words 1:19.1 /9 words

unscrambled words 54.1/ 3 words

Iris : scrambled words1:19.3 / all wrong

unscrambled words54.9/ 7 wrong

Litzy: scrambled words 23.6 / 1 wrong

unscrambled words 22.4/ non-wrong

David : scrambled words1:29.9 /5 wrong

unscrambled words 57.5/ 3 wrong

Conclusion :

i was right litzy was the fastest at reading it and barely got any wrong also she had not incorrect spelling
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