A Computers Opponent.

Motherboard, ram, cpu, graphic card...

What is a motherboard and what is it used for?

A motherboard is the main part of the computer. It the board which hold the ram and all the caballes are connected to it. It is used for the computer to have space for all the other opponents.

What is on the motherboard, and what is it used for?

What is a Motherboard as Fast As Possible

What are the other opponents of the computer?

The computer has other opponents such as : RAM, CPU, Graphic card, power supply unit, cpu socket and a lot more. All of these are very important to a computer. All of the things that are in the computer are all connected. They all have wires so they can link with each with others.

Who invented the first computer?

The first computer to be ever invented was to decode the German codes in world war II. Alan Turing. He was original a mathematician and went to work for the decoding. The Germans had a coding program which was called the Enigma. Alan Turing made a computer called the Bomb.

Sir Tim Berners Lee

Tim Berners Lee was the first person to connect the internet to everyone. Internet was available then but only for business. He gave a lot of speeches and even met the Queen. As a kid he loved technology and hes parents where maths teachers. He was born in London June 8, 1955.
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