Stronger by the Week

April 24, 2015

Jessica's Daily Affirmation is Awesome

Close the SAY-DO gap! "Your behavior is your single greatest mode of communication, and it must be congruent with what you say."

Business Development & Operations

  • Jared Franke (Project Manager) & Bobby Rodriguez met with Cimarex & Regency
  • Job walk at Bird of Prey-increased to a 4 compressor station!
  • Client meeting for large utility upgrade project
  • Service coordination
  • Bid for another School District project

Looking Ahead

  • Meeting set up with potential client
  • Bird of Prey project with Regency to begin after Cimarex batteries completed
  • Continued field visits and support from office staff/managers

Strong People & Support System

  • Welcome to our 4 new hires this week, thanks for joining the Strong Electric team!
  • Kudos goes to Luis Santiago-he has been an role model of Strong's core values for all of our new hires at Three Rivers Terminal!
  • From Brian Lee: "Thank you all for the kind words, thoughts and prayers for my family and I in the loss of our sister. Love you guys…"

Looking Ahead

  • Training Elias on Onboarding (for Spanish assistance)
  • Pending 7 new hires for next week
  • Recruiting SVC Tech and SVC helpers
  • Training for Billing and Project Managers next week for Sage system
  • Laurie Weisensel to attend Baldrige training (national quality award)
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Stronger Together: Company-wide Info

  • Kudos to crews for submitted Material Request forms-they're looking great!
  • Bird of Prey set to begin
  • Existing employees are serving as great role models for our newest team members-Thank you!!


  • Keep Brian Lee in your thoughts/prayers, he had an immediate family member suddenly pass away.

Shout out to the following!!

Strength Training & Safety

Safety Tip: You can't afford to not check cords! Check all your power tool cords (no bare wires, check all guards & grounding intact). If tools need repairs send in a request! ALWAYS wear your safety glasses.

  • Training meeting with Subject Matter Experts to continue training course organization
  • Cimarex safety meeting-Mark Natera was the guest speaker
  • Meeting with Powerline Apprenticeship Program representative

Looking Ahead

  • Schedule Foreman/General Foreman training
  • Next step for PWL Apprenticeship is registering with Department of Labor
  • Attending Devon Energy safety meeting end of this week

FAD: Fixed Assets Department


  • Mechanic tool orders complete
  • Trained Jesse Terrones on RO Writer for shop management
  • AC purchased for Monahans
  • Meeting with Utility Fleet for rentals
  • 1 Cimarex project added to directions
  • Company-wide DOT safety tips email
  • Tool Request process formally drafted to accompany form

Looking Ahead

  • Creation of mobile car wash
  • Continue bids for large long-term utility upgrade project for Equipment
  • On-site training scheduled for Toolhound

Looking to buy/trade: Trailer Mounted BBQ Pit

Did that just happen?!?

Strong Electric


To be the most client-focused Electrical Construction Company in America through professional management.


To be the preferred Electrical Construction Company based on client satisfaction