A New Policy For a New America

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For Too Long We Hve Stayed Neutral

The Neutrality Acts have severely limited our capabilities as a nation!

  • First the Act of 1935 stopped us from trading with nations at war, regardless of who the aggressor was.
  • The Act of 1936 continued this, and further disallowed us from lending money to a preferred nation.
  • As Spain fell to a fascist revolt, our nation was made powerless to intervene by the Act of 1937.
  • Only the seizure of Poland by the Nazis of Germany could finally prompt us to free ourselves from these restrictions through the Act of 1939, which finally allowed us to sell arms to nations at war.
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Will We Succumb to the Nazi Threat?

No! Franklin Delano Roosevelt sees the error of binding ourselves to isolationism.

  • He sought to allow Britain to purchase and carry arms from this great country in the defense of freedom.
  • He ordered the navy to protect these supplies from the vile U-Boats of Germany.
  • He formulated the Destroyers-for-Bases deal wherein 50 U.S. destroyers were sent to be used by Britain in return for landed property in the U.K.
  • He created the Lend-Lease Act of 1941, which allows countries fighting against Hitler to borrow arms and funding from us in their righteous struggle.
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Now, through the Atlantic Charter, he and Churchill seek to lay the foundations for a better world after this accursed war ends. Through it, Roosevelt promotes the right for every nation to choose its own government, for the maintaining of cultural borders where they already exist, and for the creation of a singular League to prevent the possibility of future wars. How Can any peace-loving American not support these ideals?

Embrace a Better Tomorrow. Embrace FDR