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Weekly Memo for STAFF

Week of April 27-May 1: Stay healthy!

COVID-19: Be safe!

Please stay safe and healthy during this period of distance learning! Classified staff, please refer to the calendar Jen sent in regards to your working schedule.

IMPORTANT: Teacher Lead Money

Teacher lead money receipts are DUE APRIL 30! You go into the portal to complete the activity part and bring receipts to Randi/Jen.

No Grade-Level Zoom Meetings this Week!

School Lunch Hero Day

Friday is National School Lunch Hero Day. Join me in thanking Michele, Jeneane, Rosa and Valerie for ALL they do!
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Student Progress Spreadsheet

Please follow the color coding system on the top of each page to highlight your students' information. This needs to be done by the end of Monday. Please reach out to your parents by the end of Tuesday if you didn't reach out to them with data Friday or over the weekend.

Room Assignments

I will try and share as early as possible this week; we are short two classrooms, so I am working on being creative.

Student Supplies

We will invite parents next week to our bus circle to pick up their child's supplies. We will have them come to the bus circle at scheduled times based on the youngest child's grade level. We will house these by grade level and homeroom on the floor of the cafetorium.

Please let me know if you are NOT coming to school to bag your own supplies and someone on campus will bag them for you.

Supplies must be bagged and labeled by the end of this week, so parents can pick up starting next Tuesday. You can place the supplies on your label in the cafetorium. If you know your student has a younger sibling, you can place it in that classroom. Otherwise, leave it in your labeled classroom and we will move it!

We must practice social distancing if you are coming to campus to bag your own supplies. I will invite PreK, Kindergarten and 1st grade Tuesday of this week. 2nd and 3rd grades can come Wednesday. 4th and 5th grades and ESE can come Thursday.

Again, let me know if you are not coming to bag your own so we can take care of it for you. Thank you!


The District said they are looking into whether or not there is anything we must complete for DPPs this school year. Stay tuned!

Paper-Based Students

Once it is time to finalize grades in May, you will likely enter 50% for students that do not return the paper packet. We will revisit this when that time gets closer.


if you are trying to reach out to a parent that only speaks Spanish, you can email Josie or Mayra for assistance. They will get back to you as soon as they are able!


Please remember to email Jen your absent students every Friday. To consider counting a student as absent, there was no contact from the parent or student all week and zero work was complete.

Paper Packets: May

May packets will be available at the end of this week to families. We will notify you and parents once they are ready for pick up.


You can order a yearbook here by April 30:

Yearbook Pictures

Kindergarten Registration

The District is working with IT on an online registration form. Several scenarios for registration were discussed but none confirmed. Stay tuned and I will give you information as soon as I receive it.


We will have retention meetings, via Zoom, as grade-level teams on May 4.

Questions and Concerns?!

Please feel free to reach out to me! There has been a lot of information shared and this can be overwhelming. Let me know if you need anything or have questions!
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