James Avaritt

Job Duties and Responsibilities

1 Prepare site plans

2 Good cumunication with customers

3 Tacked data

4 Inspect Landscape

5 High or low surfaces for plants

Work environment

1 Out doors

Days & hours worked

1 you could work up to 60 hours a week

2 usually always over 40

Starting salary range w /experience




No benefits

Education/Training required

1 1-4 years job experiance

2 [L,A,R,E,] Lilceness

Personality characteristics needed for person seeking employment in this field

1 Communication skills

2 Hygenelappearehce

3 Be on time

4 Being a hard worker

Advice you would give someone who wanted to get the job

1You would have to like plants

2and yard work.

3 Positive aspects of the job

1 work out side

2 calming

3 helpers

3 Negative aspects of the job

1 wont want to work when cold

2 hard labor

3 wont want to work in rain