Ms.Hicks Class

Thanks for everthing

To be honest Ms.Hicks being in your class taught me to appreciate the little things I have and all because of all the news and stories you’ve told us. Most classes are more serious an straight to the point and I don’t like that you though you make sure it’s something interesting something you know is going to keep our attention. Your also straight up with is you talk and treat us with respect and see us as young adult not like other teachers. The one thing I did enjoy and felt like everyone was involved was when we did the summer reading thing where we all talked and said how we felt and then you’d come in and inform us or input your thoughts or even corrected us if we were confused. I just feel like you care about us like you do a great job as a teacher because you’re not just there to teacher us give us test and that sit like nahhh you care about all of us whenever we need something we can always come to you and expect a truthful and legit answer and you’ll never lead us the wrong way. We can’t just depend on any teacher well at least I can’t but that’s what make you and your class different I feel safe in your class judge free. Plus you lets us watch and hear the truth what’s really going on in the world and not just here but different countries you let us see the real world not what’s in books not things we don’t need it’s like you care to prepare us for the real world. One thing I do wish we did get to see or hear about is about child abuse and things kids in the world go through because that’s a huge factor just like ISIS just like the floods and deaths. There many issues with kids we don’t know about and i feel like it’s important for people to know but besides that I enjoyed your class and you as a teacher even when id complain about the work.

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