#MichED Chat 2/17/16

Virtual Professional Development

Developing Effective virtual PD for Educators

Join UofM Professor in Educational Technologies Liz Kolb (@lkolb) and Oakland ISD Literacy Consultant Delia DeCourcy (@delia_Decourcy) as they share their Virtual Professional Development PD.

Q1) Have you attended virtual PD? Is yes, what drew you to them? If no, why not?

Q2) What are the benefits and drawbacks of virtual PD for you?

Q3) Would you choose to attend virtual PD over F2F? Why?

Q4) How do you determine whether virtual PD is worth the cost? Is free the only acceptable cost?? Why or why not?

Q5) What are ways to make virtual PD more effective and ensure greater levels of transfer to the classroom?

Q6) What virtual PD opportunities would you recommend?