Twenty Percent Project

Sally Stark

Impact This Project Has Had On Others

Many college students will eat unhealthy foods for the first year or two of college because they do not have the time and money to spend on healthy meals. My project is designed to help vegetarian college students by providing easy and inexpensive recipes that are completely vegetarian or vegan.

Facts About My Project

My project is to create an online blog that includes various vegetarian/vegan recipes that are easy and inexpensive to make. As a vegetarian, it is sometimes hard to get all of the necessary nutrients which can be very harmful to the body. My project will also include ways that vegetarians and vegans can get those nutrients in an easy way.

Why I Chose This Project

I chose this project because when I look for recipes that I can make myself for dinner, it is always something difficult and expensive. I am concerned that in college, I may not be able to continue avoiding the consumption of meat because it is so difficult to keep up with and stay healthy. I hope that people look at my blog and find a recipe they love and can make any night they want.

What Makes This Project Important

I think it is important to get all of the nutrients so I want to help other vegetarians and vegans make sure that they get them in an easy way. I think this will help a lot with students who struggle with cooking because I will make the recipes before I put them on the blog to make sure they really are easy and taste good.