What is cyberbullying?

What is cyberbullying?

is the use of communication online to bully a person. Basically by sending threating messges and bad messages to people to make them feel bad. Cyber Bullying can stop if parents stop it. Maybe by checking the kids phone or the kid posts. Or even the victim can stop it by telling a trustworthy person.

Statistics on cyberbullying.

  • over half (52 percent) off young people report being cyber bullied.
  • Girls are at least as likely as boys to either be cyber bullies or to be targeted as cyber bullying victims.
  • Boys are more likely to be threatened by cyber bullies than girls.
  • Cyber bullying affects all races.
  • 25 percent of teenagers report that they have experienced repeated bullying via their cell phone or on the internet

Rules on basic safety

Some of the rules of basic safety are:

  • don't give personal info to anyone
  • don't answer anonymous messages
  • don't talk to strangers etc..

5 types of cyberbullying

Harassing someone

Impersonating someone

Using photographs

Creating websites, blogs and more

Participating in "Happy Slapping"

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How do people feel when they are being bullied online?

People feel really bad because they are scared. They after a while start believing what people say about them online and that causes suicide. You should always think twice what you are going to say. If you know is not right don't do it because it really hurts people and you can ruin her or his life for ever. Cyber-bullying likely appears in the teeeage years.

Some of the peoople who have take there own lives becasue of bullying.

Why do people take their own lives because of bullying?

Because they cannot handle the situation. They have no one to support them just family.

But happens at school. Where theres no family around?

They fell lonely. They have nobody. At school they are being treated wrong and bad so . In school they called them names and that causes depression and then depression takes to suicide.



This video is going to show you how people feel when they are being cyberbullied
What is Cyberbullying? - 2012 Teen Video Awards Entry


What i'm trying to inform you is that cyberbullying is not okay and sometimes it can go out of control. Don't let other kids make you bully someone because sometimes the one who finish loosing is the bully. So don't do it. Think before you post.