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This project is BY: Fatima Almosawi ( ME)

Invention convention project

This was a group project . Me and my groups project is called mirrior purifier. Its supposed to do this: the sun will hit the parabolic mirrior then the light will hit the can with Spikes thats filled with salt water then hits the pipe to hit the beaker that will make steam that rised up from salt water then to make stem to drip in the cup and there you have it pure water made of salt water and were all going to drink it to show you it worked.

Pic collage and 30 Hands Project

30 Hands

This project was made on 30 hands app and pic collage. Its called Atmosphere And Human Impact Project. It was a very easy project but, it was a little tough with all the script writing and stuff but it was a fun experience. We had a other didn't watch the video and grade it for us I am sorry that you can't watch the video it's just that it's not working sorry . Anyway this picture was made on pick collage first we had to make the picture and pick collage then we would send it to three hands project and we would recorder voice talking on that slide and we keep on doing it for each slide that we have.
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Earthqauke PBL PROJECT ON hakiu

Wiki project

This project was also with a group. Everyone in each group had a job to do. I was the photogapher. Taylor was the trash picker . Kayla was the house bulider and brinda was the wiki project manger. Mrs. Smith told us to bulid a house out of : clay, popsicle sticks, straws, tooth picks and last but not least some string. At the end of this project we had a shake table test where Mrs. Smith would shake the hoise as if it was a earthquake to see if it would survive. Is a link to the video that talks about my job and my groups job and we explain what our jobs are. Like my job is to take pictures and post on the wiki page and Kayla is the house builder. Taylor is the trash and Brenda is the wiki page manager.

Weathering Pic Collage

Pic collage project

For this project we were talking about mechanical and chemical weathering we had to make a Pic Collage for these two types of weathering and we had to post pictures on there and some words on there to see like what is it doing how that happened in the causing that we needed to pictures for each weathering in that weather that happen. Here at the bottom we have to photos made from Pic Collage one that talks about mechanical weathering and the other talks about chemical weathering each one has a meaning and four pictures. That explain there weather type. The action of the weather.
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