The Puguin

The Puguin; created from the penguin and pug

The Penguin

The Penguin is a flightless bird that has developed thick fur to help survive in the cold arctic weather. Penguins are both great swimmers and excellent fish hunters. Penguins are usually found within the Arctics and North and South Poles. The reason we have decided to make changes to this animal by using the Pug was to help make the hybrid offspring have traits that make it friendly, lovable and based around companionship.

The Pug

The Pug is an adorable, loving pet that is part of the dog family. The Pug was originated in China. The Pug was selectively bred to make it a lap dog and revolves around owner companionship. This dog is the perfect pet to have. The reason we have decided to make changes to this animal by using the Penguin was to help make the hybrid offspring have better swimming skills(Pugs aren't very good at swimming), to have a warmer, thicker coat of fur on it's body, and finally to allow you and your animal to both enjoy fishing together.(Mixing the Pug and the Penguin will give the offspring better fish hunting skills).

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Frequently asked questions are below:

Why did you decide to breed the Penguin with the Pug? ( Sorry we haven't been able to get a picture, it doesn't like cameras)

We decided to do this because Penguins and Pugs are adorable creatures with soft fur. Since the Penguin has the ability to swim amazingly, hunt fish really well, and stay warm because of its thick coat of fur, we wanted to give that to the Pug. With the Pug breeding with the Penguin, it will allow people to have a pet that can swim good, hunt fish with their owner, stay warm in cold weather, be loving and friendly, and revolving around companionship and also have a pet that is a lap dog.

We are the Didney Worls!

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